Terms of Use

Terms of Use for kubury.com

I have a “canned” Terms of Use statement but it is lengthy and much too complicated for such a simple site. Therefore, I’ll use this simple statement.

The basic purpose of this site is Internet Marketing. Purchase of products through links on this site¬†might¬†very well result in payment of “commission” or “advertising fee” or other term to describe the payment, to the operator of this site.

This site is not responsible for the performance of products supplied by others. Especially, we accept no responsibility for products which suggest that money may be made through their use. Such products are suggested on this site for the education of our visitors. The results obtained from their use is entirely up to the user. Often, NO money is made from such products.

Users shall not use this site for anything illegal.

Users shall only post information which is true on this site.

Clicking on a link on this site probably will take you to a different site, which we do not control. Their terms of use then apply, not this one.