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This information could save you hours while learning the techniques and tricks of setting up an effective sales video. 

I used the word "tricks" above. Rest assured, there are no "secret tricks" or "techniques which the gurus don't want you to know." And there is no danger at all that this site will be "taken down at any moment."

I simply don't work that way.

There are, however, several little things which Delilah tells and shows you how to do ---things which you would probably never discover on your own!‚Äč

Google Video Goldmine course is just seconds short of 20 minutes. Yes, that's what you get: one video!

Delilah was respectful of your time. She tells and shows you what to do fairly efficiently. The entire process actually is so simple that it really can be explained in 20 minutes! Thankfully, she did not "squeeze 20 minutes of content into a one-hour video!"

Yes, it can be explained in 20 minutes. But you'll want to go over bits and pieces of it a few times, probably as you're doing it for the first few times, to make sure you're doing things correctly. But that's the way we learn ---by doing things over and over.

First, we're told the three things we must have to make videos. Are you surprised to learn that you probably already have them? Here's what's needed: 1) Computer and webcam 2) Google+ account, and 3) Internet service.

Less-than-obvious tasks
are covered in detail.

Have you tried to set up a Google+ account? I have! The steps needed are not obvious ---or at least were not for me. But with Delilah guiding you, setting up your account is nothing to be feared.

Then she shows how to create a Google Hangout-on-Air. Again, it's much easier with her help than by doing it yourself! Or at least I believe that to be the case!

Settings for the recording parameters and the "sharing" settings are also covered.

Then she covers what might be
the most important aspect of creating a sales video: adding clickable "tags.'

They're the key to making it easy for people to buy your stuff!

All this happens before you ever hit the START button! But, like painting a house, it's the getting-ready-to-paint which is the hard part. The "painting" is the easy part. The same is true here: the actual recording of your video is the "easy" part!

In order to get the desired results ---that is, more visitors and more sales!--- things have to be set up in certain ways. Google Video Goldmine shows you exactly how to do it!

Google+ and YouTube
are part of your selling team!

Your Hangout-on-Air will automatically  be posted to YouTube. And, just like on Google+, there are some things you should set on YouTube in order to maximize the effedtiveness of your sales video. The course covers this, too!

It would be easy to skip over this part, but it's a necessary part of being a successful Internet Marketer: spreading the word! She calls it "sharing." The point is, you must let people know know your video and sales page are out there! No visitors, no sales; it's as simple as that. She mentions some ways to get the word out.

That covers the main points of this course.

When you pay for a course like this, think of it as paying tuition to go to school to learn a skill. A skill which will enable you to make sales videos which, in turn, will earn money for you. The potential earning power as a result of this skill is huge! And, like riding a bicycle, you'll have the skill "forever."

There are also three bonus items which come with Google Video Goldmine!

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