Want to learn  from the Bible, instead of simply reading  the Bible?

This Chronological Study Bible might be an excellent choice for you!

I’ve found the Bible a bit confusing; perhaps you have, too. On reason is that the conventional Bible isn’t organized in the order in which things happened, as most books are. It’s not organized chronologically.

This makes it harder to understand than it could be, at least for me.

The Chronological Bible solves this problem! In it, the information is presented in the order in which it happened—a big difference!

How You’ll Benefit From This Product:

You’ll Read It More!

Because the Chronological Study Bible reads more like a story book, you’ll find it easier to read and more interesting. You’ll find that you enjoy reading it more so you’ll spend more time reading God’s word.

You’ll Learn More

If you enjoy history, this study Bible is great! In fact, at the beginning of the book the entire chronology of the Bible is presented in 11 pages!

There’s also a color-coded timeline, with dozens of important events clearly marked. If you like to learn visually, this is a great resource!

You’ll Understand It Better

You’re no doubt aware that the same event is often described in more than one place in the Bible. In this Chronological Study Bible, all descriptions of the same event are published together! What a great opportunity to compare language and gain new understanding!

This is a
Chronological Life Application Study Bible

Unless you read purely for entertianment, a book is of little use if you don’t apply the teachings of the book to your own life. This Bible, because it is a study Bible, includes commentary from experts regarding the meaning in the text. This commentary often includes how we might apply the ancient teachings to our lives.

Here’s What You Get:

  • Chronological Study Bible
    Photo of Chronological Bible, KJV.

    Chronological Study Bible,
    King James Version

    A hardbound book of 2168 pages plus a few dozen pages before and after those pages!

  • A cardboard slip cover to help protect your Bible—at least for little while!
  • The translation of your choice. Mine is the NLT (New Living Translation), which is the version described here. The picture, however, is of the King James Version. Be sure to order the version desired.

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Chronological Life Application Study Bible NLT